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Age May Have Something To Do With Your Feminine Health Problems!

Is there any relationship between my age and the supply of beneficial bacteria I need for a healthy body?

Yes. As your body ages, the supply of beneficial bacteria in your intestines decreases gradually. For that reason, it is extremely important to replenish the lost good bacteria by taking good Probiotic supplements. Regardless of your age, you need Probiotic supplements, and with aging the need becomes increasingly urgent.

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Good Bacteria for a Woman's Body

The digestive tract normally has 400-500 cultures and trillions of cells. Multi-strain probiotic supplements have been shown to be
more effective to maintain good health and more closely duplicate the normal intestinal ecology than single probiotic cultures.
Lactobacilli probiotic strains primarily work in the small intestine to aid digestion and absorption. Bifidobacteria strains work in the
large intestine to detoxify the colon and assist normal elimination. A variety of both Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria strains are optimal.


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Great Review from One of our Valued Customers - Crystal

"I've been taking Yefense for the past weeks and I can honestly say that I feel a lot cleaner down there.  As weird as that may sound, its true.  I would discharge alot and it would leave a weird smell.  Since taking Yefense, I haven't been discharging as much nor have I noticed the horrid smell.  I'm so happy that something has finally been able to help because I had been dealing with this for about a year now and I had given up hope.  Thank you soooooo much for introducing me to this product!" from Crystal
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Vaginal Infections Are a Part of Our Lives! But Don't Suffer!

With 75% of ladies suffering a minimum of one yeast infection in their lifetime you would certainly expect the topic of yeast infection to be a lot more prominent. In reality, they’re not, and majority of these women suffer quietly and then have to manage this unpleasant and embarrassing problem while having to still visit the physician.
The 3 out of 4 women with vaginal infections are chronic yeast infection. Some of us don’t like to admit it, because of the “nasty” opinions others put on us, but it’s really not that serious and it’s completely natural.
Vaginal infections are a part of our lives, due to stress, illness, diet, hormones, prescription drugs, antibiotics, sex, douching, pregnancy, and many other reasons. Even if you are the most hygienic person, an infection can still find away into your vajayjay.
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Make Sure You Know What's the Problem!

Vulvitis; an inflammation of the external female genitalia (vulva). The vulva consists of the clitoris, folds of skin (labia), the “lips” as well as the openings to the urethra and also the vagina.
Chlamydia; a disease transmitted sexually and caused by bacteria that are often spread out through sexual intercourse.
Gonorrhea; one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases that is caused by a sexually transmitted bacterium that usually has an effect on the throat, urethra or rectum.
Bacterial vaginosis; a vaginal problem that could produce vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of particular kinds of bacteria in the vaginal area.

Trying to treat one of these bacterial infections of the vaginal area with a yeast infection treatment can cause damage to your reproductive organs.

Go see your doctor!!!



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