Make Sure You Know What's the Problem!

Vulvitis; an inflammation of the external female genitalia (vulva). The vulva consists of the clitoris, folds of skin (labia), the “lips” as well as the openings to the urethra and also the vagina.
Chlamydia; a disease transmitted sexually and caused by bacteria that are often spread out through sexual intercourse.
Gonorrhea; one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases that is caused by a sexually transmitted bacterium that usually has an effect on the throat, urethra or rectum.
Bacterial vaginosis; a vaginal problem that could produce vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of particular kinds of bacteria in the vaginal area.

Trying to treat one of these bacterial infections of the vaginal area with a yeast infection treatment can cause damage to your reproductive organs.

Go see your doctor!!!



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