Vaginal Infections Are a Part of Our Lives! But Don't Suffer!

With 75% of ladies suffering a minimum of one yeast infection in their lifetime you would certainly expect the topic of yeast infection to be a lot more prominent. In reality, they’re not, and majority of these women suffer quietly and then have to manage this unpleasant and embarrassing problem while having to still visit the physician.
The 3 out of 4 women with vaginal infections are chronic yeast infection. Some of us don’t like to admit it, because of the “nasty” opinions others put on us, but it’s really not that serious and it’s completely natural.
Vaginal infections are a part of our lives, due to stress, illness, diet, hormones, prescription drugs, antibiotics, sex, douching, pregnancy, and many other reasons. Even if you are the most hygienic person, an infection can still find away into your vajayjay.

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