The Doctor Recommends Probiotics with Multi Strains for Greater Benefits!

Whatever type of probiotic you use—be it in the form of yogurt, an oral supplement or a topical vaginal product—avoid brands that contain only the species of Lactobacillus called acidophilus. “Acidophilus, which comes from cow’s milk, is really good at populating a cow’s vagina with cow-beneficial probiotics, but on its own it doesn’t do much to help repopulate the human vagina with the various Lactobacilli species normally found there,” Dr. Cullen explained.
She recommends probiotics that contain a number of different Lactobacillus species in addition to acidophilus, such as Lactobacillus GG, rhamnosus, reuteri, plantarum and/or salvarius.
Dr. Cullen suggested trying one, two or all three of the types of products below for two to six months to see if they help your vagina stay infection-free. If so, you can continue to use them indefinitely.
Not Affiliated Source: Laurie Cullen, ND, associate professor of clinical medicineand chair of the department of clinical sciences, Bastyr University, Kenmore, Washington, and core clinical faculty member, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle.)
Yefense is a great remedy with the benefits suggested.

  • NATURAL BLEND; effective Yeast infection pills contain all natural blend to help support women's bacterial and yeast balance. The most prevalent strains needed for a woman's body are Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium breve, which are effective strains included in our Yefense Probiotic Supplements. 
  • POTENT BACTERIA SOURCE; concentrated source of "good" bacteria including Acidophilus for your body to help  prevent yeast infections and imbalances. Natural cure for yeast infection helps your body to fight yeast infections. You can rest assure that our brand is effective and potent to give you fast results and relieve your body of unwanted symptoms.

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Go See Your Doctor!

When was the last time you went to the doctor? If you have to think months or years back, this is a problem. Reporting regularly to your physician, especially as an elderly person, is the best way to monitor your health. Failure to take care of yourself with professional help could result in an accident, injury, or worse, a visit to the hospital.
Your body doesn’t lie to you. If you have an ache, pain, itch, or sore spot, this could mean something is wrong. Don’t wait around for the issue to go away. Instead, report to your doctor immediately. Taking your health for granted isn’t the best way to go about your life. Your loved ones all care and depend on you.
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No Smell Goods in the Vajayjay!!

Never use perfume or scented products including sprays.
These things will irritate your vagina and can lead to an infection. It’s as simple as that. So no scented lotions in or on that area. No perfumes. No body sprays. Not even scented soaps.The best thing you can do to make your vagina smell nice, or rather not smell at all, is clean it with  water.

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Great Review from a Valued Customer - Candace

"I believe it's working some already. I haven't been consistent, but I can tell the difference. I don't have the discharge or the odor. So far, I like the product. - Candace


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The term "vajayjay" became popular after media mogul Oprah Winfrey began using it on TV in 2007, referring to the slang term Oprah uses for her own vagina. "I love it!" I think its a great way to express our vaginas without sounding so derogatory in public or around virgin ears. Only time we're usually comfortable to say the word vagina is when we're talking with our OB/GYN.
But "vajayjay" has become a word even in some of the online dictionary come from? As funny as that may sounds some people feels that the use of the word is immaturity and ignorance when in facts its just another pet name that has gotten much exposure rather good or bad and now its the easy way to announce our vagina's presence. Oh well, I love the word and because I talk about "vajayjays" everyday, I even say it to my OB/GYN now. He's a guy though and thinks its funny when he hears.


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