Apetamin Syrup Pills Appetite Stimulant Weight Gain

Made for Women by Women

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Customer Reviews

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Mona Walker
Not working

It’s not working for me, I have purchased several bottles.

M. Johnson

Its Great!

Leatrice Long

I must say I see the results and I LOVE IT and I will be ordering again


Apetamin Syrup Pills Appetite Stimulant Weight Gain

shana pester
Changed my life !!!!

For as long as i can remember i was always the skinny one or the one who “had to hold onto something before i flew away” it was miserable and the older i got the more self conscious i became over my weight. All my skinny minis can relate when i say they always promote diets to get skinny but neverrrrr the other way around!!!! I came across Apetamin 3 years ago and when i say gains i mean GAINSSSS and the crazy part is i gained in alllllll the right places, the only thing i will recommend is to make sure you EXERCISE while taking the vitamin because your tummy will bloat but it goes away after a week or so !!!!!

My family, friends everyone started complimenting me and i kept it up, 3 years later i managed to keep the weight and every other month or so i place my order and the process is so easy i feel like M knows me without knowing me lol!!!!

If you want good gains and you’re tired of being called the skinny one stop what you are doing and order yourself some Apetamin.

You’ll thank me later 🤩♥️

Thank you Shana, we have truly appreciated you and your business. Trust as I know as I was once the skinny mini until I gained 41 pounds.... Changed my life as many of our customers can relate. The product helped but YOU DID THE WORK