Gain Weight Apetamin in Houston

Weight Gain Apetamin in Houston Texas 

Apetamin is sold in Houston, Texas, as an appetite stimulant and vitamin supplement.

Apetamin has a sedative antihistamine known as cyproheptadine hydrochloride. This key ingredient is mainly used for allergies by available by prescription only.

Cyproheptadine hydrochloride increases appetite by increasing the secretion of  IGF-1, a hormone that the body naturally produces and influences the hypothalamus to increase your appetite, thus helping you with weight gain.

So then, here's how weight gain in Houston, Texas, with Apetamin, is possible.

Does Apetamin Make You Thick?

weight gain houston tx apetamin

Cyproheptadine hydrochloride stimulates your appetite, thus increasing the desire to eat constantly. Further, this weight–gain syrup stimulates growth hormone production and secretion by inducing deep sleep.

This explains why a person using Apetamin is constantly feeling fatigued. However, this type of fatigue is not the feeling of tiredness but one that makes you feel sleepy.

As a result of using Apetamin, a person's weight might increase by several pounds after drinking just a single bottle in less than two weeks.

Is Apetamin a Safe Drug for Weight Gain?

Aside from cyproheptadine, Apetamin has L-Lysine HCL, an essential amino acid your body doesn't naturally produce but is only found in supplements and foods. This amino acid helps your body to produce digestive enzymes, collagen, protein hormones, and antibodies.

The weight gain supplement has several vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B3, B5, B6, C, D, and E. These make Apetamin a vitamin supplement.

Although it’s not produced and marketed as a weight-gaining product, the appetite stimulant can enhance your appetite, cause you to eat more, and thus add extra pounds naturally and efficiently.

This product is popular among women. Most of them post before and after photos of using Apetamin syrup. Taking a look at them can help you see the advantages of consuming this mystical syrup regularly.

On the other hand, those individuals taking Apetamin in order to get large-sized breasts and curvy buttocks should combine it with a healthy diet and exercise.

Actually, Amphetamine serves as an appetite stimulant and is designed to help people suffering from eating disorders and underweight.

Is Weight Gain in Houston Texas, with Apetamin Possible?

Some international health bodies have sanctioned Apetamin as a result of effectiveness and safety concerns. However, the syrup or tablet can boost your appetite, and, as a result, you will add extra pounds after using it.

Apetamin products tend to increase the secretion of insulin-like growth variable IGF-1 levels associated with weight gain. Its appetite-stimulating effect will cause you to want to eat regularly, thus gaining weight because of the extra calories you’re consuming.

women apetamin weight gain

Although FDA doesn't approve the sale of Apetamin in health stores without a prescription, you can find it in some shopping websites and stores. This is because dietary supplements are necessary for your health, and when used properly, you can minimize their risks.

Further, the FDA doesn't always review dietary supplements' efficacy or safety unless sold within the US.

Therefore you can buy your bottle of Apetamin online or at local stores in Houston, Texas, and take it to gain weight.


Are There Side Effects of Using Apetamin for Weight Gain?

While Apetamin can help you gain weight, the appetite stimulant has some side effects, which includes:

  • Tremors
  • Drowsiness
  • Hunger
  • Blurred vision
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea, etc.

These effects are mostly seen when you begin to take Apetamin and may last for a few days. You will find dosage instructions on its packaging. Because of these potential side effects, it’s recommended you start taking smaller amounts to allow your body to get used to it gradually.

Also, remember that FDA has sanctioned the supplement unless when prescribed for allergies. Used together with alcohol, the Apetamin can cause drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis, coma due to liver toxicity, and seizures. 

Still, the fatigue associated with the consumption of Apetamin can cause blackouts and make you feel sleepy at all times.

Who Should Avoid Apetamin?

While Apetamin is not an illegal product, you should only take it after consulting with your doctor because it contains cyproheptadine which can cause some side effects. Therefore, the following individuals should not take Apetamin syrup or pills.

  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Children age 12 and below
  • Alcohol or drug addicts because these make them sleepy
  • Individuals allergic to cyproheptadine or another drug
  • People living places with extremely hot weather, etc.

Still, you can stop taking Apetamin when you get severe side effects or when you successfully achieve your target. While results vary from one individual to the other, you shouldn't stop taking Apetamin abruptly; instead, you withdraw gradually. This will help your body to respond to the withdrawal slowly.

How Else Can I Gain Weight Very Fast?

Aside from taking Apetamin or any weight-gaining products, you can gain weight by taking foods with a lot of calories than what your body needs. You can try consuming 700+ calories each day which is way above your maintenance level.

Still focusing on nutrition and exercise can help you gain a healthy physique without putting your life or health at risk.

Wrap up

Apetamin syrup or pills can help to enhance your appetite, causing you to eat more and thus add some pounds. Weight gain in Houston, Texas, with Apetamin, is possible because this vitamin syrup is not illegal and can be purchased online or in stores.

It's also a weight-gain syrup sanctioned by the FDA and its equivalent in the UK for safe consumption reasons. This is because the appetite stimulant has some potential side effects.

So, it's recommended to start gradually until your body adapts to it. It would be best if you also withdrew slowly when you achieve your objective and completely stop using it when you get adverse side effects.