Eat Yogurt to Help Keep Yeast Infections at Bay!!

Can I just eat yogurt to get the "friendly" bacteria or probiotics I need?

One of the best sources of probiotics has always been yogurt. Keep in mind, however, that probiotics are bacteria that can be harmed when products are processed with heat and for this reason many brand name yogurts contain very few beneficial bacteria. Also, many yogurts contain high amounts of sugar that will negatively impact the benefits of using probiotics. For both of these reasons, it is recommended that you buy natural yogurt or supplements that contains “live active cultures” of bacteria and is either not sweetened or contains very little sugar.
In addition, a large percentage of the Probiotic bacteria in yogurt are neutralized by the strong acids in your stomach, and never make it into the small intestines where the metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients mainly takes place.


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