Prevention is Always Better & Healthier Than Treating!

Avoiding a yeast infection is much easier than trying to naturally treat one and other kinds of infection in this area. And while you cannot constantly prevent a yeast infection, you can help reduce the risk of getting one.

◉ If you should notice a distinct feminine odor, excessive vaginal discharge or any other abnormal change, PLEASE… it’s always best to consult a physician to make sure there is no infection.

◉ Drink plenty of water at least 8-12 cups daily to flush your system of toxins.

◉ Consistently change your menstrual pad and especially the tampon often. 2-3 hours should be the max amount of time these should be worn for protection.
There's more opportunities to prevent yeast infections but here's a start that are very important daily habits that you should be doing for your body.

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