Our First Post - Welcome to Yefense, an Aalou Health International Brand.

Welcome to Yefense.com, a women’s nutritional company devoted to producing products of the highest quality to aid women in their daily lives.

Aalou Health International is the proud developers of the health supplement Yefense™.

Women’s well-being is at the heart of Aalou Health International. We provide important products and information that address women’s needs.

The brains behind the company and products are women who love the idea of natural and organic foods, herbs, and supplements. Our passion for preventative health care is demonstrated through our quality of products.

As long time users, researchers, and advocates of natural products; our development of a powerful combination of “friendly” bacteria changed our lives in 2005.

After researching and surveying many women who had concerns with their woman’s body with “down-there” problems, our passion allowed us to share the formula that could change every woman’s life. Aalou created and branded Yefense™ in 2006 and built a dedicated, healthy customer base. Yefense’s customers keep returning for this little pill that does so much for a woman’s body.

Within a few short years, the success of Yefense® prompted us to expand our efforts to educate women on their health. Aalou believes in taking our health into our own hands through educating ourselves and incorporating preventative, natural methods into our “health-style.” And doing so alleviates unnecessary doctor visits, medical bills, and prescriptions drugs, which may harm other systems of the body.