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yeast infection treatment

yeast infection treatment

yeast infection treatment



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"I like Yefense because it helped when I was having some personal issues and didn't know what else to do.  I noticed a big difference after about a week in taking Yefense. "   - Lynn

   "About 4 months ago, I was experiencing some female problems. Since then, I started taking              Yefense and it really works. I can really tell a difference in my body and have been recommending    this product to all the women I know." - Chanella

"I have to say that when I first took Yefense I was like "Yeah everybody says their product will do the job that it is suppose to do." But after the first day of taking Yefense I could really tell the difference. It felt like I was a different person from the inside out!! If you really want something that is going to work for you then YEFENSE is IT!!" - Jabrecia

"Yefense has worked wonders for me. I had been suffering with bacterial vaginosis (BV) off & on for years. It always came back after taking antibiotics. After being introduced to Yefense, I suffer from BV alot less & I feel much fresher!!  I will continue to use Yefense and recommend it." - Tejuana

"Yefense is a great product. It's been only a couple of months and I feel good.  I need more...." - Abby

"I wanted to say a few things about this great product.  I know Yefense is for women, but I took it to counteract the bad effects of antibiotics.  Yefense really worked and I can tell the difference in my health.  I definitely recommend Yefense for women and men."  - Aaron 

"I've been taking Yefense for 2 months and it works!"  - Haley

"I've always suffered with yeast infections and the unfresh feeling since my teens. My problems continued after repeated use of prescriptions meds and over the counter creams, nothing worked.  I became very annoyed and decided to treat myself and find something that helped the problem, not just the symptoms.  Yefense actually works, I haven't had an infection in years and I feel healthier and cleaner." - Tawanna

"I have a busy schedule and don't have time for issues that can be controlled.  I've been taking Yefense for a few months now and it's apart of my daily regimen.  I definitely recommend this product." - Kathyanne

"I tried Yefense and been using it for 2 months now.  I feel energized and definitely feel healthier as a woman.  Yefense really works!" -  Amy


"I believe it's working some already. I haven't been consistent, but I can tell the difference. I don't have the discharge or the odor. So far, I like the product. - Candace

"Yefense is a great probiotic. It helps with digestion and inflammation. I had less breakouts and my period was not as painful. Yefense is amazing. Thank you!" - Yasmin

"I've been taking Yefense for the past weeks and I can honestly say that I feel a lot cleaner down there.  As weird as that may sound, its true.  I would discharge alot and it would leave a weird smell.  Since taking Yefense, I haven't been discharging as much nor have I noticed the horrid smell.  I'm so happy that something has finally been able to help because I had been dealing with this for about a year now and I had given up hope.  Thank you soooooo much for introducing me to this product!" - Crystal

 Connie  April
 Cheryl  Veronica

"Discharge was a big issue for me.  I had used plenty of products but found Yefense was the cure I needed." - Tiffany

"My veejayjay is definitely healthier, there's no odor and I don't have so much extra stuff in my panties.  Sorry to be so forward, I just wanted yall to know that your formula really works." - Tiana

"Whenever my period comes, I can count on pain, bloating, and the worst cramps ever.  I feel like death, but this is the 3rd month that I didn't feel as bad.  I'm not 100 percent sure if its the pills, but I haven't changed anything except taking the Yefense." - Brittany

"What I love about my body is that I don't have of the fear that I might smell.  I'm quite confident about my down-there area now." - Sam

"The greatest benefit for me so far is the consistency.  I've been taking Yefense for about six months now, and I still go to the restroom with ease.  What a miracle!" - Candice

"I never noticed a really unusual odor, however, my husband says that the odor I had was gone.  Even though, I was a little embarassed of his comment, he seems to like going down there more often." - Alexandria

"I can't say enough about Yefense, I feel so much more healthier.  And there's nothing better than being sure of myself." - Shelvia

"I've suffered with yeast infections my entire life.  I take diflucan like its a vitamin, but not since I've been taking these little miracles.  I can't express how much Yefense has changed my life." - Pamela

"I was just trying some pills my girlfriend said helped with discharge, which has never been a problem for me.  I considered myself pretty clean, but when I took them, I did notice the small amount of discharge that I'm use to having was gone.  I was confident about my vagina, now I'm even more so." - Dinna

"My sister gave me the rest of her bottle of your pills.  I just had a baby and I have debilitating hemorrhoids, so when I go to have a BM, I'm sometimes in tears.  I've never heard of your product, but I wanted to let you know they really helped me to have easier trips to the bathroom.  I haven't had to strain in 3 days.  Thanks you for making  something that really helps people like me." - Marilyn

"No one like to talk about this problem because its embarrassing.  At lleast, I'm embarrassed.  Since, I've been taking Yefense, I've been raving to all my girls about it.  I'm so proud of my vagina:)  I've even tried some of the tips on your website.  Thanks for making such a good product.  You have a life long customer if you keep making vitamins like these." - Teneshia

"Yefense really works!  I started taking them because I had an odor, within a week and a half, the odor was gone and I didn't have so much yucky stuff." - Shanty

 "I don't like taking pills, but the results are so worth it.  Two weeks after using Yefense, I noticed I wasn't discharging as much.  I feel so clean and I haven't douched in months.  And I'm pretty sure my boyfriend notices a difference as well. Yefense is my miracle pill." - Lisa

"I have a really hard time going to the bathroom, I've been on Yefense for a week now and already the bloating is gone and I can "go" without having to strain and push.  Thanks for giving me a bottle to try, I will be coming back for more!" - Virginia

"I've always been constipated and recently, I felt run-down.  Once I started taking Yefense, I began having bowel movements at least once a day without having to feel uncomfortable and seeing less  discharge.  Your pills really work and I feel better.  Thanks a lot." - Shelby

"I was just trying your product to see if it works but after taking Yefense, I started to feel more energy and it was easier to poop.  I'm not sure that it had anything to do with taking your product but I think my face looks better as well.  You have a really good product." - Asha

"I've never learned so much about a product and my body at the same time.  Your website is very informative.  The suggetions you give really work.  Thank you for just not selling me something." - Alicia

"Yefense is the best thing I've ever tried.  All my life I've been suffering from nasty discharge and odor.  I have no clue why I have this problem.  But since I started using Yefense back in August, I don't feel wet and uncomfortable all day.  Plus, I'm not worried about anyone potentially smelling an odor when I walk by." - Cynthia