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(Be sure you've added your points per number for each question with numeric answers and yes=1 and no=0.)


3 out of 4 women suffer with an 'unhealthy' overgrowth of bacteria causing many problems that may be affecting their daily lives. Processed food, and modern food preparation methods remove beneficial bacteria normally ingested from fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk products.

Chemicals, pollution, and poor diet and hygienic habits also wreak havoc on the beneficial bacteria naturally occurring in our bodies. These familiar, even every-day factors take their toll on the health of the microflora and can lead to deficiencies in intestinal function and digestion, immune system response, and resistance to infectious pathogens like yeast and bacterial infection, constant urinary tract infections, constipation and/or a low immunity.


If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions you may have yeast or 'unfriendly' bacteria buildup in your body. The levels below will help you determine if you have a problem and how mild or serious it may be.



YES To 1-7 Questions = MILD. Okay its not that bad. However, the 'bad' bacteria is lingering around causing some signs undefined symptoms. You've done a good job maintaining your yeast levels. Overtime its highly possible your symptoms will get worse, and you should begin a regimen to fight additional overgrowth.



YES To 8-15 Questions = MODERATE. You may have a slight case of overgrowth and may not be experiencing many of the symptoms. If you start a regimen as soon as possible, the more likely you can take control of the buildup and help fight further damage to your body.


YES To 16-25 Questions = SEVERE. This is serious and the results suggest that you need to take action immediately to begin eliminating your overgrowth. The symptoms The symptoms will become more annoying and can cause further complications that may prevent proper functioning on your digestive, immune, and feminine health.

Act Now & Experience the true meaning of FEMININE HEALTH with Yefense! Yefense™ works by overpowering unhealthy bacteria with the “good” bacteria also known as microflora, already living in our digestive systems. Its helps discourage the growth of “bad” bacteria like yeast from growing that may cause annoying yeast infections and excessive discharge and odor and other ailments.


*These products and the claims made about the specific products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Results may vary. Some may still experience symptoms due to other conditions. Please consult with your physician for concerns.


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