Probiotics for Women to Prevent Yeast Infection

What Makes Yefense Different from the Rest of the Brands on the Market?

Many probiotic cultures are needed to support good health especially for women. One pertinent regimen that women must consider is taking care of our genital health. Seeing as we are more prone to disease, urinary infections, chronic yeast infection, or irritation such as feminine odor or excessive vaginal discharge, we should be intensely conscious of our feminine health and Natural Probiotics Supplements is suggested by many doctors. Every woman should also take daily a multi-strain probiotic supplement for the same reason – your body needs more than just a few cultures to stay healthy.


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Only All-Natural Formula on the Market!

*****   The blend of healthy strains in Yefense makes this most natural of all other brands due to the fact that the ingredients labeled are primarily the Healthy Organisms of the Most Important Strains Needed for your body.  

*****   Lactobacilli is the most prevalent bacteria in the vagina and is best know for use with problems like chronic yeast infection, feminine odor, excessive discharge, and bacterial vaginosis and fighting other infections.

*****   Now Bifidobacteria is the most dominant species of bacteria in the large intestines and is known as the natural cure for vaginal yeast infections due to it’s antifungal abilities and ability to produce antibodies against foreign organisms.

*****   These two species work together and the most effective to get rid of yeast infection naturally since they are normally found in the human body.

*****   Our capsules are gelatin vegetable cellulose made of  an insoluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables.

*****   Formulated under strict guidelines for efficacy and potency to give women a proven and safe natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. 

*****   Manufactured under strict guidelines in a FDA-approved facility and GMP regulations, and is Recommended by local OB/GYNs. 


Specific Multi-Strain Formula!

probiotics for women to prevent yeast infections

*****   We’ve included various strains of importance to your body to ensure the highest potency and ultimate effectiveness.

*****   Avoid brands that contain only the species of Lactobacillus called acidophilus. “Acidophilus, which comes from cow’s milk, is really good at populating a cow’s vagina with cow-beneficial probiotics, but on its own it doesn’t do much to help repopulate the human vagina with the various Lactobacilli species normally found there." 

*****   Holistic Doctors recommends probiotics that contain a number of different Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species in addition to acidophilus, such as Lactobacillus GG, rhamnosus, reuteri, plantarum and/or salvarius.

*****   The body normally has 400-500 cultures and trillions of cells. Multi-strain probiotic supplements have been shown to be more effective to maintain good health and more closely duplicate the normal intestinal ecology than single cultures. The main two needed strains, Lactobacillli and Bifidobacteria are contained in Yefense™ and are optimal and how to prevent yeast infection overtaking your feminine health.

No Refrigeration Required!

*****   Most probiotic supplements have to be refrigerated or the bacteria dies very quickly. Refrigeration suggest that the product will spoil and grows mold, which you don’t want to happen since molds kill good bacteria.

*****   Labels that suggest that if not refrigerated, the effacy of product may be diminished. The most effective probiotics DO NOT need to be refrigerated. The most effective probiotics DO NOT need to be refrigerated. Yefense™ does not require refrigeration.

Contains Healthy Bacteria Already Found in the Body!

*****   Yefense™ Natural Probiotic Formula is also the only supplement on the market that contains the bacteria that already exist in the body without any foreign substances that the body is not familiar with. Other supplements have ingredients that have no significance in our health. Yefense™ contains only the necessary ingredients, which are the “good”bacteria for a healthier system for a woman’s body.

Discover a proven and PERMANENT remedy how to prevent yeast infection naturally without the use of prescription medication and no side effects.

Your body has a lot to do....Take a moment to nourish it with Natural Probiotics!

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