Excessive Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge provides a significant maintenance role in the female reproductive system. Fluid prepared by glands within the vagina and cervix get rid of dead cells and bacteria. This maintains the vagina cleanliness and helps hinder infection.  Having a little amount of vaginal discharge is most common and usually depends on how much estrogen is circulating in the body, however a excessive vaginal discharge should be a concern. Mucus formed by the cervical glands fluctuates throughout the menstrual cycle, thus its normal when the walls of the vagina release some secretions.  
 get rid of excessive vaginal discharge

Excess of Discharge in the Vagina 

When you begin to notice large amounts of vaginal discharge, this should be a red flag. Discharge that all of a sudden changes in color, odor, or consistency, or drastically increases or decreases in amount, may signify a real problem such as an infection. However, an increase of liquids may be noticeable when your ovulating, sexually aroused, pregnant, before your cycle, anxiety, and if you suffer with some medical conditions such as diabetes. Other significant times that you may see an excess of discharge in the vagina is improper personal hygienic care like wearing tampons too long or over douching.
There are so many factors that make us women prone to any and everything. The key is you should be conscious of how your discharge normally looks, which will keep you alert of what your body is telling you and help you to cure yeast. Get to know your body so when you feel or see something different, you can immediately takes action. Getting to the root of the cause can be an easier task when you’re paying attention.
What to watch for: • Color change or consistency • Bad smell • Excessive vaginal discharge • Symptoms along with the discharge, such as itching, burning or pain in your pelvis • Bleeding from the vagina
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   See Chart of Different Vaginal Diagnosis  
If you are not sure your discharge is normal, in which you should since you know your body and know when a change occurs, immediately see you Gynecologist to ensure there’s no major concerns.  
Yefense Supplements contain the necessary healthy “good” bacteria need to get rid of excessive vaginal discharge by working with your body as a candida remedy and a proven remedy.  Your digestive tract and vagina already contains a few “good” bacteria to try to keep your feminine health in a healthy state. What happens most times are the factors mentioned above like taking birth control, going through menopause, taking antibiotics, being stressed out, or just our bodies not responding well to changes of life and the environment sends our bodies out of whack.  
get rid of excessive vaginal discharge
The ingredients in Yefense Supplements adds more of the “good” bacteria into your systems both the GI tract and vagina to support vaginal health and improve your immune defense. This will help to ward of the culprits that’s causing uncomfortable wetness, feminine odor, yeast or bacterial infections, upset stomach with constipation or diarrhea, bloating, intense menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections and so many preventative ailments. Yes, all this sucks! Yes, women suffer more! Yes, that sucks too! But here is a safe and natural and effective way to add what your body already has but is lacking.  
Add Yefense to your daily regimen and replenish the loss of the beneficial bacteria giving your body the healthy flora needed to maintain feminine health without the use of prescription medication or side effects.  
Yefense is primarily used for women who suffers with yeast infections, an excess of discharge or feminine odor because it helps in controlling vaginal pH and maintaining a healthy balance in the vaginal ecosystem. However, because of all the health benefits of our blend of supportive bacteria , more women are adding Yefense to their preventative and health regimens and are getting there two bottles with a free one just to keep enough in their medicine cabinets.  
Yefense has been a life-saver for many women, read some of our testimonials. Results of course due vary depending on the severity; some women have seen improvements within days. And some users informed us of other great benefits they’ve notice since taking Yefense as there go natural yeast infection cure. We love what we do and we love helping women live more healthy, balanced, and comfortable lives.

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