What Do the Experts Say About Probiotics?

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Yefense is supported by local Houston Area Doctors, Dr. Jacqueline Brown, MD of Total Woman Healthcare Center of Houston. Here is what she had to say "I recommend Yefense to my patients, I take Yefense, and I recommend that you take Yefense for a naturally healthy body to maintain optimal feminine health. Yefense works!"

She tells her patients, "Every woman should be taking a Probiotic!"

Dr Jacqueline Brown, MD
OB/GYN/Alternative Health Specialist

  • Although we don’t yet have a large body of peer-reviewed research proving that probiotics reduces various types of recurrent vaginal infections, it just makes sense to use beneficial bacteria to battle harmful bacteria." --- Laurie Cullen, NDAssociate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University


  • Probiotics, consumed as either fermented foods or in supplement form, nourish the gut bacteria and help improve all of our digestive processes, from absorption to excretion. This is important because estrogen levels are directly affected by bowel transit time (the time it takes for waste to move through the intestinal tract)." --- Dr. David Williams  World's Leading Authorities on Natural Healing, Medical Researcher, Biochemist 


  • “Friendly bacteria are vital to proper development of the immune system, to protection against microorganisms that could cause disease, and to the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.”--- National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine


  • "An endometriosis diet is similar to an anti-Candida diet, not only to alleviate the endometriosis symptoms, but also to help to normalize hormone levels and encourage good health. Probiotic supplementation in the form of capsules, tablets or consuming yogurt with live acidophilus will benefit the gastrointestinal and vaginal flora."---Eric Bakker N.D. Naturopathic Physician 


  • “With the level of evidence that probiotics work and the large safety margins for them, we see no good reason not to prescribe probiotics when prescribing antibiotics.”--- Dr. Benjamin Kliger, Associate Professor of Clinical Family and Social Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York Times best-selling author, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic


  • The best weight-loss trend of 2013 is adding probiotics to your diet, because these gut bacteria aid digestion and promote weight loss.---Dr. Oz


  • 3 important pills every woman should take, including a daily multivitamin for women, probiotics, and a low dose aspirin. ---Dr. Oz


  • Supplements are also a quick and easy way to get a decent dose of good bacteria. ---Dr. Oz