E-book "Her Natural Yeast Infection Remedies"

E-book "Her Natural Yeast Infection Remedies"

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Many women attempt to self-diagnose themselves and treat their problem antifungal lotion to clear up the symptoms but doesn‘t help the real problem. It’s only when treatment stops and the symptoms show up again that they then visit the Doctor. Save yourself the time and money and see your Doctor first, especially if this is your first vaginal infection.

With 75% of ladies suffering a minimum of one yeast infection in their lifetime you would certainly expect the topic of yeast infection to be a lot more prominent. In reality, they’re not, and majority of these women suffer quietly and then have to manage this unpleasant and embarrasing problem while having to still visit the physician.

A yeast infection triggers itching in the vagina and in some cases causes discomfort or burning sensations when you pee or have sexual intercourse. Some ladies additionally have a thick, clumpy, white discharge that doesn’t have any odor and kind of resembles a cottage cheese. These symptoms are more probable to occur during the week prior to your menstrual period. 

Healthy women have a combination of this fungus and bacteria; but excessive development of the Candida albicans yeast could cause a vaginal or yeast infection, causing annoying burning as well as itching. A vaginal yeast infection implies that way too many yeast cells are expanding in the vagina. These types of infections are quite common. Although, they can be irritating and frustrating but they are usually not severe.

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