Discount Codes

Here are our additional special discount codes for you, our valued customers. We appreciate your business and love to show our appreciation for every order you place. Please note, one code per order allowed.  

CHOOSE YOUR OWN DISCOUNT... do NOT use "quotation marks"

Coupons, Discounts, and Promo Codes are NOT applied to our Apetamin products as we offer lowest price to you. Only codes are allowed if received with your package or via email. Thank you for your understanding! 

First Time Customers: $5 off: one-time use discount code: "firstorder1"

Monthly Orders: $10 off: once a month orders use discount code: "recurring" ------ p.s. Orders made which are not recurring will be rejected and payment immediately refunded.

Amazon Customers: 20% off: use discount code mailed with your Amazon order! Please use chat box or contact form with your Amazon order number for us to resend code to you. 

All Valued Customers: 15% off Every Order: use discount code: "valued"