Spit Test

    Candida SPIT Test for Yeast Imbalanced                          (Candidiasis) This is a test you can do from the comfort of your on home.  It is a Candida SPIT Test to check the yeast imbalance in your body.  This test does not replace a proper lab based test but it’s a good cheap way to check your own levels. DO THE SPIT TEST FIRST THING IN THE MORNING BEFORE YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH, THIS  SALIVA WILL HAVE THE MOST HEAVIEST YEAST. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET A FALSE RESULT BY KILLING THE CANDIDA BY CLEANING YOUR MOUTH BEFORE TAKING THE TEST. This test may only work for individuals with oral thrush, systemic, or chronic yeast infections. You must follow the directions to get the REAL test results!  Do the following: •        put 1 clear glass of water by the sink where you brush you teeth in the morning •        soon as you get up, spit into the glass of water •        leave the glass alone for 30 minutes, come back later and check if any of the following have happened. DO YOU SEE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: 1.        strings, like cloudy legs traveling down into the water from the spit on the top 2.        milky substrate below where your spit was 3.        cloudy specks suspended in the water 4.        saliva sinks to the bottom If you answered yes any of these questions then it is a good indication that you may have a YEAST IMBALANCE. IF YOU SEE ONLY CLEAR SPIT FLOATING ON THE TOP YOU, YOU’RE GOOD!    aracer.mobisexy escort dubaiсекция бокса для взрослыхалтеза сафари туры в африку